Fabulous Friday 02-22-2013

It’s always a Fabulous Friday at Becoming You!



Marley says:

We are so sorry but due to unforseen circumstances,

we will not be posting our ‘normal’ Fab Friday Blog this week.

Don’t forget to check out our FaceBook page and give us a “LIKE”

and visit our website at www.BecomingYou.me



  • Tammie now has “Loyalty Cards” for you. Next time you are in, ask for one. Once the card is punched for 4 visits, you will get something free on your 5th visit.
  • If you are a current client of Tammie’s and refer a new client to her, than you AND your referral will receive $5.00 off your next visit!
  • Tammie is expanding Becoming You Salon. She is currently looking for 2 hair stylists and a nail tech. If you know someone that is looking, please let them know.



  • If you would like to follow this blog but don’t use Facebook (where it is shared to all our friends on Facebook), you can now sign up to have this Fabulous Friday blog delivered right to your email. Just go to www.BecomingYou.me and enter your email address where it says “Follow this blog.”  Don’t worry… your email address is safe with us!
  • If you’ve missed any of our Fabulous Friday blogs, you can see them all here.


FABULOUS Websites to see:

HappinessProject    www.happiness-project.com


Do you have an idea for an upcoming series on Fabulous Fridays, an inspiration we can share or other information you would like to see on our website? Email us at tcrowe@me.com or vjwebb59@yahoo.com.


Do you PINTEREST? Doesn’t everyone these days? Follow Valerie’s at www.pinterest.com/vjwebb59/ and follow Tammie’s at www.pinterest.com/tlc2763/.


We care about the WHOLE you, so here is…

Our little corner of inspiration:



Please take a minute to comment on our Fabulous Friday post… we would love to hear from you! Check out our website at www.BecomingYou.me. We are adding new info and photos every week.

Have a great weekend and we’ll talk next Friday!

Tammie Valerie

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