Fabulous Friday 10-16-2015


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Tammie Crowe, Owner & Stylist




Let’s Talk About “IT”

Tender conversations are tough, especially with the ones closest to you. As we both know conversations that prepare and plan can be most valuable in the long run. So let’s talk about “it”—what are your senior loved ones’ desires when it comes to staying at home or moving to a senior community?

Aging safely in place is the main goal but it comes at a cost and needs to be planned for. Your loved one may want to adapt the house, have in-home help, or whatever else it might take to stay in their home. With that being said, let’s discuss the cost of in home care, possible stair lifts, ramps outside the home, safety features in the bathroom, etc.

Moving to a senior community with safety features already in place is ideal, but leaving the home and moving requires forethought. Several discussions will have to take place: how can we downsize? How will we live in community with others? Does your loved one feel they have lost their independence?

Consulting with a geriatric care manager like myself can be helpful in guiding you through the process of understanding what is needed to assist the older adults in your family. Of course we know they may desire the impossible or a not-so-feasible living situation—this is where I can help guide and direct as a neutral, detached party who has the knowledge and experience to see it this through the lens with clarity and direction.

I am here–Bridging the gap of care for those facing the reality of aging.


Terri Maxeiner, RN, BSN, Professional Member



 marley1     Yes, it’s Marley and I’m BACK


Tammy is working with a new product which delivers hair to its natural state.

Is your hair a MESS?  Is it frizzy?  Is it unmanageable?  Is it dull?

Then this is the perfect treatment for your hair!


And there is a SPECIAL involved!  The first 10 clients that make

an appointment for this VERY SPECIAL TREATMENT (worth $200)

will receive it for $100!  For more info, visit our website

at www.becomingyou.me or www.gkhair.com


We are also running a special for NEW clients?  Check out our website and find out what it is!


That it is only 42 days until Thanksgiving?  That it is only 71 days until Christmas?  It seems like a lot of time but you and I both know that the holidays will be here before we know it!  So it’s time to call Tammie and get your appointments set for a new/updated hair style? a new/updated color? highlights? a perm?  Think of all the wonderful comments you’ll get when your hair is so beautiful during the holidays! Compliments are so appreciated and make you feel so good, don’t they? 

So call Tammie now and set your appointments before it’s too late… don’t think about it… just DO IT!



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  • Tammie is looking for a few great hair-stylists, do you know anyone??

Are you a professional hair stylist looking for an already established high end salon to own or grow your own business? 

If so, then we want to talk to you. 

We are a well-established salon in the expanding community of Crete, Illinois. We offer personalized styling for men and women. Now, we want to add more stylists to increase traffic flow and grow each of our individual operations. This is a chair rental opportunity for 2 stylists.

This will be your business. You will manage all activities; set appointments, manage inventory, establish pricing, and grow as you see fit. We encourage your customers to follow you to this new location.

Call Tammie for more info.




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Tammie Valerie


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